You have certainly heard the concept of the target audience, but we are going to talk here about a deepening of this concept. We speak of persona, which is an element that can enhance your marketing strategy and contribute to increased sales.

Unfortunately, this is not yet a practice adopted by 100% of companies, mainly because they do not know how to execute such a process. As a consequence, most of these businesses end up having difficulties in gaining new customers and achieving the desired and planned results.

More important than knowing the concept and understanding its importance is knowing…

Today we are living in a digital world. Here everything is possible while sitting at home and by working on the laptop. The only thing that you need is the digital presence of your business and a good ranking of the site. SEO and Social media are the two sides of the digital media coin. People have the habit of sharing the smallest of their information on Social media. A lot of people also share their business ideas and what they are selling on social media. So, let us see what impact Social media has on SEO.

Does Social Media have any impact on SEO
Does Social Media have any impact on SEO
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Impact of Social Media on SEO

In order to…

Is there anyone who’s not looking out for better search engine rankings?

I doubt because there are none.

Every single business is waiting to be at the top of search engine rankings.

If you’re someone who has little funds, you should turn the focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Fortunately, one can work on this aspect with the help of Google WebMaster, which is also known as the Google Search Console.

Google WebMaster tool can be helpful in finding the issues with your site that might be affecting your traffic. …

The entire world today is grappling with the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has also played a major role in the lifestyle of people. Each and every citizen around the world is forced to change his or her lifestyle because of the quarantine period, lockdown, canceled travels, closing of schools and lot more. The crashed stock market and economy of all the countries around the world are also going to have a major impact on the lifestyle of people and digital media. Many people including senior citizens have started depending on Social Media and other pharmacy sites for their medicines and…

Note: The facts in this article are accurate at the time of writing. Since the situation is uncertain and constantly changing, the ground realities may be different by the time you read this.

“WFH sucks.”

That is the unabashed opinion of Sachin Bansal, Co-founder of Flipkart — India’s equivalent of Amazon — about the new work from home routine gripping every workplace — from startups to enterprises in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

On March 19, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation and urged people to remain home on March 22 in a Janata (self-imposed) curfew. …

Today every business thrives on online platforms, as it is the most easier and impactful way of reaching to a wider gamut of audiences. This factor has led to a bunch of competitors present on this platform, making it difficult to make your presence felt.

It has become a common practice of checking an organization’s presence on an online platform before initiating any further queries or business with them for a better understanding of what they do and their capabilities.

SEO for SEO, Key things CEO should know about SEO
SEO for SEO, Key things CEO should know about SEO

Even when you have an amazing website with a legible content, but still you will have to work towards getting…

According to predictions, global retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.88 trillion in 2021, which means that you could greatly benefit from this trend.

Another important factor to bear in mind is that it has never been easier to set up an e-commerce store and start growing your business, even if your capital is limited.

There’s a number of different options when it comes to your choice of a good and reliable eCommerce platform, and even those who aren’t in this industry have heard of Shopify, WooCommerce, or Weebly. …

This time last year, Instagram reached the . Recognized now as one of the most popular social networks worldwide, individuals and brands alike are captivated by the photo sharing platform. Aside from the social aspect of Instagram, it has also grown into a tremendously effective business tool over the past few years. Companies of all industries are utilizing Instagram to improve brand visibility, customer engagement and increase sales. We’re sharing everything you need to know to ensure your 1 billion monthly active user mark Instagram marketing efforts are reaching their full potential.

In 2016, Instagram introduced business profiles, which totally…

During the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the sales of solar power panels. The world has seen a boom in the use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy. The demand has also increased for solar cookers, solar water heaters and a lot more. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, enough solar power capacitors were installed in the US in Q1 of 2018 to power 10.7 billion homes. …

The past decade has seen a hike in social media user base which makes it a potent platform for marketers. In 2019, it is expected that one social media platform is going to dominate the Digital Marketing industry. That platform is boasts of having Quora. Founded in June 2009 this question-answer platform has gained increasing popularity year by year. Quora 300M+ unique monthly visitors.

Well, Quora not only provides a vast user base but also provides some advanced marketing options. …

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