The Impact Of COVID-19 On Digital Marketing

The impact of COVID-19 on Digital Marketing

Let us study the impact. Right now it is not important to see whether the impact will be short term or long term because still the pandemic is in the very initial stage and there is a lot of uncertainty, but, still, we can observe the increasing trend from that we can decide the impact. The smart and careful digital marketeers will understand the quick shift in the global trend and act accordingly. So, here is the impact of COVID-19 on digital marketing and various digital sites

Positive impact

COVID-19 pandemic will have a positive impact on the following apps and digital marketing sites.

  • Online gaming sites
  • Online streaming platforms
  • Healthcare sites
  • Government information sites

Online gaming sites

Online gaming sites throughout the world have been observing increased traffic and downloads in the past month or two. This is because of the lock-down situation in the entire world. People are working from home, schools have been shut down and there are no outer sources of entertainment. As a result of which, the number of visitors on gaming sites has increased and also there is an increase in the number of game downloads through mobile apps.

Online streaming platforms

The online streaming platforms like amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc have emerged as a saviour for people’s sanity in this condition stressful situation. As a result of which these online streaming platforms are also observing an increased number of visits on a daily basis. People love to watch online series and movies and hence they download these and watch it with great happiness.

Health care sites

As a result of the lockdown due to coronavirus, people have started showing an increased interest in the field of healthcare and have started visiting health-related websites and online platforms. People have also shown an increased interest in healthcare retail sites.

Government information sites

During these difficult times, people have started trusting government information sites as compared to other sites. People want to get accurate information about the coronavirus and how to protect themselves from it. Government information site is the best option to know the truth and get the appropriate facts. As a result of which, the traffic on government information websites has increased to a great extent.

The negative impact of COVID-19

The digital marketing sites that have been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic are as following. The business has been pretty down for these sites

Travel sites

Travel sites including travel agent sites, hotel booking sites, airline industry, train booking sites have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. People have been cancelling their travel plans due to the spread of the disease and have started avoiding going to public places.

Sports sites

Most of the sports events have been cancelled due to the corona pandemic, as a result, there is a decrease in the number of real-time visitors on sports sites. There is about an 80% decrease in the traffic of these sites.

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